Friday, October 07, 2005

A little Court Room time ain't nothin'! (If your Daddy works for the CIA...)

Shhh, I gotta be quiet, Mr. Cheney's stalking the halls, draggin' around his crash cart looking to ream me out again......

You'd think all these people wouldn't panic about a few little indictments. They keep telling me they're the 'adults', and that I should just shut up. Well, looks whose the calm one now (me!) If they'd all been in a court room as much as me, they wouldn't be worried at t'all. There ain't no prosecutor that Daddy's 'boys' from the old days back in the '70s can't make see the 'light', if you know what I mean. I got mucho respect for them after they hung that judge's dog back in '71, and got me community service for gettin' busted with that kilo of snow. I think even Mr. Cheney's afraid of 'em, and he likes to pull the heads off of ferrets for fun up at his ranch. Nasty ole scumbag.

Whu-wee, the horse hockeys sure hit the fan yesterday about Karl's little leak! I thought I was almost finally gonna be rid of Cheney, cause I thought his heart stint was gonna burst outta his chest like an alien baby, he was so mad. Karl ain't come outta his office since the old bastard slapped him around the room in the morning. I snuck by to see what I could snoop out, but all I could hear was some low moaning and crying. It sure made me giggle!

But then momma called, and my day went to hell in a handbasket. My ear's still ringin' from that old harpy's screech. Jeez, you'd think I pissed my bed again, like that time back in Kennebunkport when I passed out after a night of drinking with Jeb and I threw up on the couch. Luckily, I gotta a few screams in edge wise when she would try to catch her breath between insane rants. Thank God she's still got that shortness of breath problem, or else I'd have to have hung up on her agin. I think Daddy threw a few Zanax down her throat after that, 'cause she didn't call back again later, like she usually does when she can think of some more insults. I had to sneak some scotch after that.....

MMmmmmmm, Dwyers scotch.... I gotta real taste for that stuff back in Birmingham, but it sure got me in trouble with that secretary. I could swoooore she'd said 'OK', not 'get away'. Lucky thing Daddy got me outta there back to Houston or her Pappy woulda painted my face black and introduced me to the family's lynchin' tree....

Why were we talking about Alabama for?


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