Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cheney won't quit until Satan tells him to.....

That pinko Kevin Drum wrote somethin' over at that commie website "The Washington Monthly" that made me smile:

"Of course, I'd still like to see Cheney resign today. Who do I need to see about getting that done?"

So would I! That crazy old F&*#^%. He f-in tooka strap to me just last week, and Laura just laughed. Only Condi understands me, that's fer sure. If I ever catch that old coot asleep in the West Wing, I won't hesitate to send him on to visit his old friends Casey and Raygun. But I better not do that, 'cause they may indict ME instead! Besides that old fart scares me. Sometimes he stares at me just like that slimey ghost that's crawlin' down the stair way in "The Grudge". Creepy.

I really think the old coot is gettin' a little antsy about this whole 'leak' thing. When it first came up, I thought they were talkin' about that time I wasn't payin' attention at the urinal in the executive wash room and puddled up the floor. Lucky I was able to sneak outta there before anyone knew I'd done it. But that wasn't the investigation they was talkin' 'bout. Turns out it WASN'T ok to spread that Plame chick's name around town like the clap. 'Course, that wasn't what Cheney said at the time. Then again, he hardly tells me s&*t about what's really goin' on. As long as he leaves me to my new XBox, I'm happy. Halo 3 rocks, dude!

But all this commotion around the Oval office has got me sneakin' out more and more to to get a snootful of the Ole Grand Dad. Mmmmm, it burns on the way down, but gets you stone-cold f-ed up! Man, when I'm flyin' with the Dad, I can almost SMELL the old days down in Texas City, when we'd go down to score some of those skank strippers that worked the rubes near the refineries. I still got me some of those g-strings I scored hid away, I think.

You ever been to Texas City?


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