Sunday, September 04, 2005

Them Corpses are Floatin' in N.O. jus' like a keg!

Well now, why'd you want to see them dead bodies, anyways? It's not like they need rescuing anymore. Mr. Cheney says its the funniest thing he's seen, all them floaters, but then he gets all quiet like when Mr. Rove screams at him about the polls. That's why I have so much respect for the Turd Blossom, he don't take nos%*& from that miserable old pr*ck. Ole Karl would chew a baby's head off rather than see ONE picture of some bloated bone-bag on the teevee. One time I seen him slap his aide straight in the head when he'd seen a coffin coming back from I-rak on NBC, and that poor bastard kid hadn't done nothing! I sure watched my Ps and Qs after seeing that one, I can tell ya. You'd think he inherited his temper from my momma, they way he screams like a banshee after I flub another one of those flowery speeches he keeps making me say in front of the rubes. He jus' don't understand how hard it is for me to read all them big words, and to pronounce all them sand n*&&@# names at those boring photo ops. It's not like I give a sh*t enough to care what a Talabani or Allawi is, much like how to say it. My Saudi boys were always nice and kind enough to give me a hand (literally, hah!) when I meet with them to discuss what my positions on foreign policy is 'spose to be. Them boys always took real good care of me, 'specially with all the duty free tequila (if ya know what I mean!) they bring me. Man, them boys sure know how to run a country. I wish I could behead me a Kennedy. I would get a stiffy, just like the old days back in Matamoros. Mmmmmm, Matamoros. I sure do miss Matamoros. You could suck down a worm from inside a bottle, then one of them senoritas would do the same for yourn!Man, I kill me sometimes, I'm so funny.....
Why was I talkin' about Mexico agin?


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