Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nawlin's is Darlin'!

Man, did ya see all them Darkies at the stadium down their in Nawlins'? I was on my exercise bike watching Fox, when they showed all them welfare mothers crying and a carryin' on. Funniest thing thing I seen since them Shiites runt all over each other in Bhagdad. But then Mr. Cheney slapped me in the back of the head (again!) and told me to start acting like an 'adult'. Pr*&k. He kept goin' on and on about how this don't look so good and how it was gonna f-up his plan to bomb the Eye-a-tollahs in Tehran. God, he never shuts about about blowing up those F&*%^%s in Iran.
Then Turd Blossom comes in and starts screaming at me too, about how I stayed too long on my well-derserved vacation and everybody was posting that picture of me strummin' away all over the Internets while Nawlins was drowning in its own filth. Them Darkies didn't vote for me anyway, so what should I care? It's not like I got to run for reelection or anything. Boy, I sure needed a drink after that last election. Thank God them Diebold boys came through in Ohio. Luckily I was able to throw a few quarts back before Mr. Cheney caught me and gave another shiner like back in Dec. '00.

Turd Blossom keeps rantin' about FEMA. What is that, anyways? I thought it was a bone in your leg....


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