Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bondi Beach is bitchin!

Man, them chicks on Bondi beach are HOT! I saw 'em once on a website I was lookin' at, before Mr. Cheney slapped me on the back of the head and ordered me to turn my laptop off at budget meetings. Old miserable c&*^%^&@#. I bet he ain't been laid since '65. Imagine, beaches where the ladies run around topless, and you don't even bribe 'em with snow to get 'em to do it, like back in Birmingham. Mmmmmm, snow. I still get a hankering for it late at night once the 'lump' hits the sheets. A betcha Kennedy used to huff a whole eight ball before he plowed into them there secretaries in the swimming pool. Lucky B#$^%#^.

What's an insurgency? Sounds like some kind of female waterworks problem.....


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